Me: Branding You

Through a series of questions, I aim to understand your vision, your ethos and your business plan.

Your vision allows me to understand your WHAT. Your ethos will illustrate your WHY. Your understanding of your customers will tell me WHO. And your business plan will show me your HOW. Read more about the Golden Circle here.

Through this, I begin to see how I can offer you a branding identity that is consistent with colours, fonts and styles. This might includes some or all of the following:

Logo creation
Website Design & Development
The Accoutrements of a business: Business cards and stationery, menus, brochures, stickers, posters, ads, banners.

Upon negotiation, I also offer ongoing copywriting and copyediting support for website and social media (Instagram, Facebook, etc) updates.

While my forte is content in English language, I am also able to arrange Dutch, Spanish, Indonesian/Malay, Italian, Hindi, Hebrew and Arabic translations. (While Google offers decent translation, it is a word for word translator. It cannot provide contextual, nuanced translations.)

Me: The Person

In 2004, I began Paperbean Design to create wedding (and event) invitations. Audrey Coggins, Paperbean Design

Now, 16 years on, my focus is on branding. The bulk of my work now is in business image branding: business cards, logos, menus, brochures and websites.

Originally from the Blue Mountains, Australia, I now call Amsterdam home. With the wonders of technology and the Internet, I continue to work with Australian businesses from my new home. I am also starting to cater to clients in Europe.

I also specialise in copyediting and copywriting; my Master’s degree is in Editing and Publishing from RMIT Melbourne, Australia, in the early 2000s.

A close up of the alphabet written in hand calligraphy and Chinese brush ®paperbean design I love design. Beautiful, intentional design. A pansy, the humble ladybug, the vibrant celebration of clashing colours of the peacock and the rosella, the grain of birds-eye maple, the cross section of a kiwi fruit, the love-driven, labour-and-time-worn hands of my mother, the rough elegance of an old gentleman’s leather club chair, the giggle of my five year old, the creativity of twelve year old.

It is all that, and more, that inspires me to design. Wedding invites, anniversaries, marketing business stationery, business cards, brochures, placecards, posters, logos and branding.

While I am not designing logos and working with CMYK/RGB, you find me dabbling in the kitchen or practising my modern calligraphy. I also love interior design and do not shy away from home-DIYs.

Ready to take your brand to the next level?

The Story Behind the Name

Paperbean Design. An original name since 2004.

Paperthe humble white A4 sheet of plain Paper—white, unassuming, humble, boring—can become something special with intentional colours, words, arrangements, textures and weight.

Cut it up and you have a snowflake.

Fold it up and you have an airplane, crane or butterfly.


Much like the humble Bean. Take for instance, the split green pea. Boring, unappealing, simple, bland.

Add salt, ham hock, carrots, celery, onions, garlic, and you get something completely yummy, hearty, warm and not-boring! Almost every culture in the world has produced masterpieces, starting with the boring ol’ Bean.


Paperbean Design 2019 logo