You’ve got an idea. Perhaps you have a business. Maybe you own and run your restaurant. You operate a beauty business from your guest room. You and your nephew run a cleaning business. You have inherited a 15 year old business from your parents.

You want to monetise your passion. You’re sick and tired of your current logo. You need business cards. You need a website. You have something to say, but run into trouble selecting the right word, the right feel and where to put your comma.

What do you need?

Many businesses today need a reboot. Not that you, the owner and decision-maker, lack the skills to perform your main job—but your competitors are starting to use technology in this digital age to grow their business. And to keep your business afloat, you need to as well.

Sometimes, a total reboot is needed: you need the store to have a physical revamp, a new business name, or perhaps a new logo that you can bring across your products and merchandise to up the ante.

A classic example is the typical Thai restaurant that began in the 90s. I’m sure all of us can already think of at least one such business. Very popular for their cuisine, but the decor, presence and logo shouts out tacky 90s. It’s not that their main core job—providing authentic Thai food—is declining in quality, but their presence is tired. A reboot is needed. I’m sure you have also been to a Thai restaurant that has been given a new lease on life, but has maintained its Thai-ness. New paint, new furniture, new logo, signage, new menu…

A reboot. In business terms, a REBRAND.


Please peruse my portfolios to see how I can deliver the best version of your business or special event.

I can help.

I love all things design. I am pedantic about the English language. #grammarpolice

But more than that, I am passionate to see the Dream of Another Person to Fruition. It thrills me to be a part of the team that endeavours to see that person’s dream materialise—and succeed.

In other words